Hot Air & Slippery Stuff – 106

WATER AS A CONTAMINANT Water in hydraulic fluid: > Depletes some additives and reacts with others form corrosive by-product which attack some metals.> Reduces lubricant film strength, which leave critical surfaces vulnerable to wear and corrosion.> Reduces filter-ability and clogs filters> Reduces the oil's ability to release air.> Increases the likelihood of cavitation occurring.How much … Continue reading Hot Air & Slippery Stuff – 106

Hot Air & Slippery Stuff – 105

What you don't know about ACCUMULATORS can kill you. In my 45 years of working with and teaching fluid power of the United States and Canada. I have taught thousands of people. I have visited hundreds of plants and facilities, and the one common thread throughout these facilities is ...... SAFETY. Safety is the number … Continue reading Hot Air & Slippery Stuff – 105

Hot Air & Slippery Stuff -104

Accumulators - General Gas charged accumulators are a common feature in modern hydraulic systems. They carry out numerous functions, which include energy storage and reserve, leakage and thermal compensation, shock absorption and energy recovery. But while accumulators present a number of advantages in hydraulic system operation, and can provide many years of trouble-free service, they … Continue reading Hot Air & Slippery Stuff -104

Hot Air & Slippery Stuff 103

Fluid Power Safety A recent study by the Ocupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) They found that manufacturing accounted for 26% of work related hospitalizations and 57% of work related applications - Both higher than any other industry in the United States. The statistics such as these explain why, for both OEMs and end- users, … Continue reading Hot Air & Slippery Stuff 103