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Hot Air & Slippery Stuff – 105

What you don’t know about ACCUMULATORS can kill you.

In my 45 years of working with and teaching fluid power of the United States and Canada. I have taught thousands of people.

I have visited hundreds of plants and facilities, and the one common thread throughout these facilities is …… SAFETY. Safety is the number one priority. There are all kinds of safety stickers, posters and warnings of hazards ….



                  RESTRICTED AREAS-

                           PINCH POINTS-

                                    DOOR OPENS OUT

                                             OVERHEAD CRANE

                                                        HARD HAT AREA

                                                                   WATCH OUT FOR FORK LIFTS

Mechanical Hazards, Electrical Hazards, Environmental Hazards …. etc.

These warnings are plainly and prominently displayed in plain sight…..

But in most cases hydraulic safety must have slipped through the cracks and because most machines are very reliable – we don’t think about it.

Ironically of all the components in a machine by far the most dangerous and most likely to kill you is the ACCUMULATOR! …….. WHY?

+ People don’t understand them and what they do.

+ They don’t understand how they work.

+ They don’t know how to pre-charge and how to release the stored energy.

+ They don’t know how to inspect and repair them.

+ They don’t know how to safely work around them.

+ They don’t know how to tell if the a machine they are working on is safe to perform maintenance on it.